Story behind the Invention of Toys Wheel Covers

The invention of the Kidems WheelSox Toy Wheel Covers originated as my oldest daughter and I were trying to come up with an idea for her School Invention Convention. While we were sitting at the kitchen table my youngest child (who has Autism) was picking up the front end of his Ride-On toy and slamming it back down. He then proceeded to slide back and forth scraping the plastic wheels between the Dining room Hardwood flooring and kitchen Ceramic tile floor.  

My then 20 month old son was driving us crazy with the grinding noise along with the fact that he was destroying the finish on our newly refinished floors.  Earlier that day he had a melt down because I did not want the toy inside as I had noticed the wheels were already starting to mark up the floors.   I decided to figure out a way to cover the wheels so he could enjoy his toy, inside and outside, and I could keep my sanity.   My husband also appreciated it since after listening to all kinds of noise from machines at work all day the wheels grinding into the flooring was the last thing he wanted to hear at night. 

Hence the Invention of Kidems WheelSox Wheel Covers for Baby and Toddler Push, Ride-on and Motorized Riding toys.